The Kakiemon Cultural Foundation, Japan, grounded in 370 years of the history of Japanese porcelain with overglazed enamel, was established in 2014 in order to provide opportunities for people around the world to learn about Japanese culture.

The Foundation strives to inform a wider variety of people, both nationally and internationally, through exhibitions, conferences, and other means of sharing cultural knowledge, of the essence and special qualities of traditional Japanese aesthetics that are expressed in Kakiemon-style porcelain. This multicolored porcelain was exported through the port of Nagasaki in the late 17th-century to destinations such as East Asia and Europe, and continues to enjoy a high valuation throughout the world today. Through these activities, the Kakiemon Cultural Foundation, Japan hopes to contribute, if even in a modest way, to a richer life for everyone.


Board of Trustees
Hiroyuki Seki
Director, Japan Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers
Formerly Director of the Japan Arts Council
Karoku Miwa
President of the Japan Conservation Project, a Specified Nonprofit Corporation
Formerly Director of the Kyushu National Museum
Masanao Mori
Ph.D.(Economics) , Scholar of cultural economics
Ex-Cabinet Councillor of Japan , Professor, formerly of Kurume University Japan
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Fifteenth Generation Sakaida Kakiemon
Yoshiaki Ito
Vice Director, Kyushu National Museum, National Institutes for Cultural Heritage
Yukio Suzuta
Director of the Kyushu Ceramic Museum
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